ACWF (African Child Welfare Foundation registered trustees) is a non -governmental, non- political, non religious and non -profit making organization to cater for the need of reducing poverty in Tanzania Communities through Supporting Vulnerable people with a special focus on Tanzanian children and youth, Mitigating HIV/AIDS pandemic, Improving Socio-Economic standards of living and promoting sustainable Earth Environment.


The foundation is aiming at raising social welfare of the Community in question especially the vulnerable groups such as Disadvantaged Children, Orphans, the youth, Widows, Elderly people, HIV/AIDS patients, disabled and hence bring community economic prosperity. Under its enacted constitution, the foundation will prevail with the Tanzanian Laws and Regulations accordingly.

The first areas of operation for ACWF shall be Lunguo Ward in Moshi Municipality and Kelamfua Mokala ward in Rombo Dirstrict. This assignment is therefore aimed to achieve a comprehensive collection verification analysis of Data that shall lead to a working plan for ACWF.