Volunteering and Home Stays in Moshi, Arusha and Rombo Districts in Tanzania ACWF Handles volunteers as one of its projects,VOLUNTEERING AND HOME STAYS  is a responsible and economical way of exploring by  outreaching, it offers a slowed down exposure to local way of life while also giving enough time and choices for exploration of wild life and many natural treasures of this country. You get the best of cultural and game tourism while being useful to the local communities. Your labor and experience is put to a good use and portions of the Fees Charged Shall go to help communities you will be attached to and you may be caught up in the AXIS OF GOOD forever? For a good while at leat.

By handling we mean the following services,

  • VISA (this means upgrading your tourist visa to a working VISA class C),  After making enquiries and have made up your mind, it is always easier to get into the country with a tourist Visa which is stamped at the point of entry (airport or border crossing) and have it upgraded to a working Visa at 550USD
  • VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT (This means organizing a work or training placement), We currently have the following as placements MAIRIVA SECONDARY SCHOOL IN ARUSHA, KIBO SECONDARY SCHOOL IN MOSHI, DESTINY  CHILDREN HOME which is an orpharnage in Moshi, KWANGAO PRIMARY SCHOOL IN Rombo, ACWF offices in Moshi and Rombo. But depending on your specific need and wish we can organize other placements in Arusha, Moshi and Rombo and probably but not preferably further within Tanzania.
  • HOME STAYS (this means getting you a bed and all meals in a local selected family or a hostel) and generally manages the volunteer within Arusha, Moshi and Rombo Districts.
  • While attached to one of the homes or placements you will have a chance to kind of be a guest to the rest of active placements and homes

The NGO has successfully handled twelve (Nov 2011), Volunteers  in five cycles originating from Norway, Sweden and Denmark who worked  in Schools, orphanages and Hospitals in Moshi and Arusha.

To get an insight on their experience we shall post some pictures and stories willingly shared by some of them. See galleries

See rates below, They do not include your ticket to and out of the country and your travels to the National parks, the coast and elsewhere in the country which is alsmost a must do after you have come all the way here. We also have received many visitors who drops in to get acquitted an involved!

ACWF Volunteering Rates

With Homestay in Moshi, Arusha or Rombo (Hostel) in Tanzania

Base Rates in USD Indicative Euro Indicative DKK Indicative TZS
Rate1 Rate2 Rate1 Rate2 Rate1 Rate2 Rate1 Rate2