Destiny Children

Destiny Children

Support Destiny Children

If you would like to support Children of Destiny financially there are different opportunities.
You can help us with the most urgent short-term needs; any amount of money is helpful to cover running costs.
You can help us with our projects – at the moment we concentrate on the improvement of the kitchen, a chicken coop and then there is also a fishpond in the planning stage.
We would be happy to talk to you about a long-term commitment like school sponsoring; we have listed a few opportunities.
Please talk to us if you are interested in supporting Children of Destiny.

List of urgent short-term needs
We usually need support for the grocery shopping. However, at the moment we have that covered.

Currently we would really appreciate any help we can get with our sponsoring opportunities and the financing of our projects – which will allow us to become more economically independent and provide a more stable environment for the children.

For the day-to-day running we are still in need of donations for:
– Wire mesh for all windows, cost to be estimated
– Door locks for all six rooms and two padlocks for the gates 20,000 TSH each, 160,000 total (99 USD, 75 EUR, 63 GBP)
– Office desk and chairs 300,000 TSH (186 USD, 141 EUR, 118 GBP)
– Bed sheets , curtains and towels (400USD, 295EUR, 250GBP)
– Home slippers, 2 pairs per child (100USD, 75EUR, 68GBP)
– Completion of sinks (161USD, 120EUR, 101GBP)
– Paying outstanding debts (2,894USD, 2,111EUR, 1,810GBP)
– New cooker (930 USD, 705 EUR, 590 GBP)

List of projects
– Fishpond
– Vegetable garden project (60USD, 45EUR, 36GBP)
– Organization cars: One for running errands, and one to accommodate all the children.
– Secure land to build a permanent house: We have located a place at 3 acres for 80,000,000 TSH (49,515 USD, 37,505 EUR, 31,382 GBP)
– Covering monthly operating costs at 4,188,515 TSH (2592 USD, 1963 EUR, 1643 GBP)

We are truly grateful for their donations and still amazed at how much people have given to help!

So please spread the word to your family and friends and let them know about Children of Destiny – any help (big or small) is always appreciated and will go a long way. Asante sana!

List of sponsoring opportunities
– Twelve children don’t have school sponsors.
Unfortunately, without sponsorship for school fees many will not get the chance to attend school.
School fees range from €50 (Nursery) to €110 (6th Class) per term depending on the age/level of the student. A uniform costs €22 while lunch costs from €7 to €25 depending on age/level.
– School shoes 1 pair per child at 25,000 – 35,000 TSH = 709,500 TSH for 24 pairs
(452 USD, 333 EUR, 279 GBP)

We are grateful for any support that enables us to send the children to a good school – which will enable them to develop their potentials. We are particularly interested in people committing to support one of the children through school and to be a mentor for them.