People Behind the Steering Wheel

The following is a short Resume of Current Trustees and Office Bearers of ACWF.
1. Eng. Bernard Kavishe (49) -ACWF President, the Current Head of the Organization and one of the founder trustees – Civil Engineer, Based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
Engineer Kavishe is a Registered Professional Engineer, a graduate of the University of Dar Es Salaam 1996 class. Has worked extensively in the field of construction and construction management, He co-owns a Construction Company Registered by the Constructors Registration Board (CRB) Tanzania and is an active member of the Civil engineering professional community.
Eng. Kavishe has always set aside time and thought for wider community needs. ACWF is actually a formalization of what He and colleagues in it have been doing. ACWF means to expand and streamline participation for sustainability and growth of social activities apart from the strict business and professional dealings of its operatives. Since 2012, Engineer Kavishe had shifted to aviation industry and the academia. He is pursuing a Masters in  Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), and his dissertation will be in public projects cycle management.
2. Adelfina Pantaleo Kimario (43) – ACWF CEO. One of founder trustees – Public Secondary School Teacher Based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
Sr. Adelfina is a trained secondary school teacher in a government (public) school at Dar es Salaam, teaching Chemistry and Biology. Being a teacher she delights in the front line of raising the potential and creating possibilities for our youths.
Sr. Adelfina spent most of her adult life as a Nun in Christian Congregations, a life cherishing and teaching humility and care of community. She has a wide exposure on vulnerabilities prevalent in Africa. She has graduated from the religious fraternities to embark on the same issues from a different angle. During her formative years in her last congregation, which was basically francophone, Sr. Adelfina spent about two years in DR-CONGO and Rwanda a stint which among other things made her fluent in written and spoken French. Sr Adelphina went back to the university and graduated in 2015, Bachelor of Education in science majoring Chemistry and Biology subjects.
3.Stella S. Emmillian (55) – Ordinary Trustee, Secondary School Manager Based in Arusha Tanzaia.
Stella is a Graduate in Laws from the University of Dar Es Salaam, She is also admitted into the Bar as a Private advocate. She is a School Manager of Sakina Secondary School, formally Mairiva Secondary School
After graduation Stella worked briefly for the Government. She later devoted five years working on Voluntary Basis for two NGO’s, Tanzania Women Lawyers Association based in Dar Es Salaam and Arusha Women Development Trust Fund, they are both dealing with vulnerable women and children. They provide free Legal Support and Counselling on matters relating to Matrimonial and Land Disputes, Probate, Social Welfare of children and the like. She is still setting aside some time to community service especially so on matters related to her field of study and profession.
4. Fanny Nicolaisen –Ordinary Trustee, Based in Oslo Norway, Currently Perusing Her Bachelor’s Degree in International relations and Political science at the University of Washington, Seato USA. Fanny is one of our ex-volunteers who was invited for her commitment towards our vision mission and objectives. Being one of our youngest trustees she brings her energy, knowledge and experience spanning across three continents. By virtue of her age and energy we have the future in us incorporated. Fanny is both our contact in the North and our incorporation into it.

5. Mr. Rusk Kishimba (71) – Associate trustee, Retired Teacher based in Moshi Tanzania, Mr. Kishimba has travelled and worked extensively in Tanzania, East Africa and Indeed the whole world. Was once a personal aide to the Famous Chief Marealle. ACWF draws a lot from his vast knowledge and experience
6. Dr. John Lyimo (74) – Associate Trustee, Retired Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon Based in Moshi Tanzania.
Dr Lyimo has studied and worked extensively within the Tanzanian Public Health Sector. He is now an associate professor at a medical university in Moshi also working on contract basis at Machame Hospital. The old saying goes, Old men might be slow, but they know the route,….. they’ve been there before ……many times.
7. Gabriella Andersson – Associate trustee, A teacher at KatedralSkolan a Gymnasium at Skara Sweden. Gabriella visited Tanzania Several times and have clearly fallen in Love with the Country and the people. She, assisted with Per (a colleague at Katedralscolan) facilitated educational trips to and from Tanzania. She has been a driving force in the SWEDISH support of Mairiva Secondary School, now Sakina Secondary School and Kwangao Primary School in Tanzania. In fact the SWEDES tipped the balance towards formation of ACWF as activities now grew in Size and complexity necessitating formalization. Gabriella is our contact in SWEDEN.

8. Jakob Fihn – Ordinary Trustee. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jakob is one of our ex-volunteers and he recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Though his Bachelor’s Degree Jakob has developed a good understanding of the political, economic, and social aspects of globalization, and the development and sustainability issues arising from it. Apart from his initial volunteer stay with ACWF, Jakob has returned to Tanzania twice. Most recently spending half a year at the section for Political Affairs and Trade Promotion at the Embassy of Sweden in Dar es Salaam.