Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child
This list is taken from a similar page in our partner organization Mairiva Secondary School www.mairivaschools.com (trimmed in Oct 2013 by the ACWF to drop some cases overtaken by time)
The cost of sponsoring a student assuming a full sponsorship is as follows
• School fees for one year is between TAS 1,500,000/= and 1,800,000/= (ignoring the decimals)
• Uniforms and other essentials TAS 400,000/=
• Pocket Money TAS 200,000/=
• Fare when the school closes TAS 200,000/=
1usd is about TAS 1600
These figures are for budgeting purposes only as needs vary. Actual costs shall be worked on based on a particular case. These figures are based on Fee structure of an average private school in Tanzania. Public schools are heavily subsidized leaving parents with a very small cost sharing part, which is still a tall jump for some. We shall in due course research and offer some cases for help
Students in dire need of help.
Below is a list of students (at Mairiva Secondary School) we now know of their need for help. We shall give some profile of the stories we know by heart, now that there is this forum we shall slowly add more stories and photographs.
1. william Msofe (form three 2012)
2. Neema Laizer (form three 2013)
3. Happiness Samwel (form four 2012)
4. Hassan Kizinga. A former student twice orphaned. The author of this page had the privilege to know this kid as a toddler. Biological parents passed away out of the sickness that kills a couple. She was taken over by a foster mother, the foster mother has also passed away and family set up ceased to exist, he is a likable boy and managed to live between two families, his half sisters and brothers in DSM who gave him a bed and a neighbor who had allowed him to take all meals at his home. Hassan was brought to this school by the half sisters and brothers who also deserve to feature in this list. Please help Hassani become a man. (Hassan Managed to finish form four 2011 through a Canadian sponsor Roger Vail, He still need to supported for tertiary education)
We have not recorded all their stories, we know they are equally horrible, We are not after their ordeal, We are after their rescue, We know they need our help so please do the needful.