At ACWF we have projects in three categories all complementary to each other and all commensurate to our vision, mission and goals. Volunteering Tourism, Advocacy projects and Physical projects

Volunteering Tourism

This is our flagship project as human contact and engagement at both local and international level is central if ACWF is to achieve anything. Experiences at a reasonable cost is what communities can offer in return for time, skills, expertise and some financial facilitation. With good management very little goes very far in Africa.. The bulk of human capital for ACWF shall be from direct and indirect outcomes of this project.

i)     Short term volunteering up to six months ideal for young people in their gap year, university students doing practical industrial attachment, workers needing a different exposure and the likes.

ii)    Long term volunteering from one year onwards. Ideal for retired teachers and other professionals, research students and sponsored individuals wishing to work in Africa for a substantial period of time. You may start as a short term volunteer to see if you like it here and extend to a long term having used your initial stay to work out details of a longer volunteering.

iii)   Good Safaris. ACWF shall organize eco tourism groups that shall have different packages in different combinations of visit to Rombo, Moshi and Arusha into our projects and interesting places to give a first hand insight on the way of life here. About a third of the country’s total area is protected to a certain degree as National Park, Game Reserve, Marine Park, Forest Reserve and the like which forms the core our tourism industry, some activities include. Hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro just shy of  6,000m (6km) above sea level (It is an endurance based five days hike to the highest point in Africa, the tallest free standing mountain in the world and so on and so on, no professional climbing knowledge and gear required), game tourism; there are many national parks to choose from (Arusha National park which is a day tour from Moshi or Arusha is a convenient fall back plan when you do not have resources for extensive game tourism), Move to the Coast with nice beaches, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar and Bangamoyo which are a trove of both the contemporary and past history, Zanzibar and Bagamoyo were metropolitan centers when once our main export was African slaves. There is an abundance of our sad part of history in the forms of ruins, museums etc. etc. along the coast line and Zanzibar.

Research and Advocacy: like said in the home page, this website and FRIENDS OF ACWR a movement of sponsors, friends and followers are one of driver projects.

Research shall enable us to output papers that are a resource  for (i) Projects and plans (ii) Advocacy (iii) Researchers and activists.

With advocacy we shall strive to change mindsets, customs and laws that inhibit African children. Blue prints for research shall be published in a special page of our website to interest academicians, students and other volunteer to take them up and come with desired outputs.

Physical Projects: These are physical projects, they are like doors through which we enter communities, all with children in them

  • Kwangao Primary School (In Rombo) = Infrastructure improvement to provide decent and dignified teaching and learning environment, (i) Consturction of three toilet blocks (in progress), (ii) Construction of Kitchen and Dinning block (In the Drawing Board), (iii) Improving cleanliness lighting by painting, transluscent sheets, ceiling board etc (this is probably the simplest and cheapest, awaiting sponsors and volunteers). (iv) Electrical connection, electricity shall take the school to another level (future), (v)  Provision of Library, computer lab, furniture (There are rooms, awaiting sponsors and volunteers). (vi) Construction of secondary school (future)  (vii) The School has a BlogSpot with more photos and info on the its situation
  • Kibo Secondary School (Moshi)– The school is located in Moshi, five minutes walk from the homestay in Moshi, The school has excess capacity in infrastructure and basic facilities, ironically this is a problem, the school is in the brink of a falling in a negative spiral as it has a student population and fee rates that cannot support its running expenses and maintain a good quality of living and learning.  The school finds it difficult to keep teaching staff and therefore un able to attract and keep an optimal population of students to pay enough fees to keep good teachers to attract more students and so on. Introversion by ACWF should therefore be to (i) populate the school by making KIBO secondary school a service provider (facility) to receive our sponsored students (ii) Assisting the school raise school fees by financing the transition period of recovery (iii) Sponsoring teachers salary to cushion the academic staff from shocks emanating from unstable student population (iv) Long term Volunteering at the school, the school has six good staff houses that may be available to retired or sponsored volunteering teachers,(v) Short term volunteering, the school is a placement to short term volunteers (vi) The school may receive education equipments donated by other schools modernizing elsewhere most still good enough here (vii) Infrastructure and equipment (viii) ACWF is sponsoring a school website where a clearer insight of the school can be displayed.
  • Mairiva Secondary School (in Arusha), This is a school in Arusha, a perfect volunteer placement with its own accommodation facilities. the main project here is (i) Sponsoring of students with difficult of paying school fees (ii) Provision of school equipment eg. Laboratory, Furniture, computers, books etc. the (iii) The school also receives partner schools, host visiting school excursions and other visitors partners and colleagues in eduction (iv) Mairiva is a service provider and coordinator to sponsored students (iv) School website
  • Destiny Children Home (in Moshi). This is an orphanage fifteen minutes walk from our homestay in Moshi. It is run by an amazing young Tanzania girl who is literally giving up her girls day to stay with 25 orphans with little more than determination. It is an ideal project as the orphanage had to walk away from previous sponsors having differed on certain issues (i) Volunteering, the kids from 6yers to about 16 need a human contact (ii)ACWF is assisted with their registration matters and now a strategic planning, they still go through cycles of sponsors frustrations  (ii) Kids are available for part sponsorship especially on education
  • Students Assistance project With distant sponsors a local honest go between the beneficiary and schools is need to ensure good intentions are not abused.  ACWF shall also open a centre for assisting university students applying  placements and loans. ACWF shall also publish a list of students in need seeking sponsors
  • Volunteering tourism
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  • Tourism
  • Kwangao Primary School
  • Kibo Secondary School
  • Mairiva Secondary School
  • Destiny Children Home
  • Students Assistance project