About Us


Our vision is to have a community with social and economic prosperity and improved education, health and social welfare standards for all Tanzanians in the most viable and quickest ways possible.


Our mission is to support people’s efforts at grassroots level by promoting social and economic participation.


Our goal is to see reduction in poverty in Tanzania communities by increased and deliberate leadership of intellectuals at grass root level through people’s efforts in containment of extreme vulnerabilities by addressing millennium goals, vision 2025, Mkukuta II and similar initiatives  by practical and pragmatic application of theories to solve day to day problems, increased innovation,  creativity, entrepreneurship and reducing foreign domination on technology and exploitation of local natural, cultural environmental and human resources. Promoting and nurturing developmental mindset and empowering culture at grass root level.


ACWF is the community and social based organization founded by Multi disciplinary professionals who focus on the following objectives;


To expose challenges facing the bulk of African Children by raising awareness on their plight and participate in providing solutions AWARE of prevalent ignorance by the intellectuals and the middle class graduating from the same and the new realities emanating from the effects of HIV/AIDS  pandemic, to address the Millennium Goals to TANZANIAN Communities, Vision 2025 and MKUKUTA II and similar initiatives  by promoting HIV/AIDS Awareness and prevention, Environmental Sanitation and protection ,Gender Empowerment and Sensitization and poverty Reduction through Community Participation, and taking an active and leadership role in changing the approach and laws limiting quick achievement of ACWF goals in a current dispensation.


On Reflecting the General Objective ACWF is specifically aiming at;

  1. To support Orphans, needy and vulnerable children through promoting primary and vocational education for their self independence.
  2. To support Orphans, by creating and supporting orphanages as a temporary means of care. We believe that a broad and sustainable mitigation shall be development and promotion and facilitation of local legal fostering and adoption of orphans to be absorbed into the regular society through stable and willing families.
  3. To support Orphans and other vulnerable children in need by promoting, assisting and facilitation of international legal adoption, fostering and sponsorship in a transparent manner where verification and permanent follow up and feedback is central in order to allay prevalent fears of abuse which is the biggest stumbling block to its realisation.
  4. Mainstreaming adoption as the ultimate and the best means to contain the problem of Orphans resulting from effects of HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty and therefore Research and advocate review of laws impeding or retarding  adoption, fostering and sponsoring children (both locally and internationally). It must be noted here that current laws were enacted many years prior to 1983 when realities on of HIV/AIDS had not set in. The current legal framework is therefore not expedient to the prevalent situations
  5. Research and advocate to reduce existing international obstacles to free movement of peoples of the world including advocating multiple citizenship as a mitigation of social consequences of international adoption.
  6. Promotion of economic and sustainable projects for widows, orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS through provision of micro finance assistance and later establish financial institution for the purpose of empowering vulnerable people as an end in itself also to enable parenting that will benefit African children.
  7. Care and support for peoples Living with HIV/AIDS
  8. To provide Legal support to vulnerable groups protect their civil and human rights.
  9. Conduct Research programmes, Academic and Professional Debates on issues touching the African Children in the present context, carrier guidance on young graduates, parenting, family and Environment Conservation.
  10. Studying and improving learning environment for public elementary and secondary education and sponsorship of tertiary education for disadvantaged families
  11. Promoting entrepreneurship and leadership qualities among the young graduates from secondary, vocational education and higher education.
  12. Supporting and facilitating international student exchange, practical training placements for foreign students and organizing volunteering for foreigners wishing to come to this country and reciprocating with similar arrangements for Tanzanians wishing to travel abroad for training, industrial exposure, volunteering, cultural exchange etc. All with the motive of promoting international understanding while supporting the wider objectives of ACWF.  The foundation shall establish hostels and Home stay programs to facilitate this objective as well as accessing and diversifying human capital.
  13. Establishing self sustaining projects to generate income for support of general and specific objectives of ACWF


ACWF functions through the BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The Board of Trustees has a supreme mandate over ACWF

Under the Board of trustees there are


This is the annual meeting of the organization which brings together friends and other invited organizational stakeholders and well wishes to discuss various matters pertaining the organization,


This is selected from the team of Professionals, Government officials, Activists, Academicians, Business Entrepreneurs and politicians who can effectively advice on matters pertaining the Organization.


ACWF shall have executive committees and Braches with which to run its administration and Projects. Function of these committees and branches is well articulated in the constitution and shall be regulated by the Board of Trustees


The constitution provides for the President, Co-President, the CEO and the Treasurer as the top leadership of the organization.

These shall have programme officers, volunteers and employees to execute ACWF projects. The constitution provides for employment of staff, but the bulk of our manpower shall emanate from Voluntary players.

To achieve all above….Founders of ACWF have established a non -governmental, non- political, non religious and non -profit making organization to cater for the need of reducing poverty in Tanzania Communities through

  • Supporting Vulnerable people with special focus on Tanzanian children and youth,
  • Mitigating HIV/AIDS pandemic,
  • Improving Socio-Economic standards of living and
  • promoting sustainable Earth Environment.

The foundation is aiming at raising social welfare of the Community in question especially the vulnerable groups such as Disadvantaged Children, Orphans, the youth, Widows, Elderly people, HIV/AIDS patients, and disabled persons, and hence bring community economic prosperity. Under (its) enacted constitution, the foundation will prevail with the Tanzanian Laws and Regulations accordingly.

We are a body incorporated in Tanzania by the Administrator general of Trustees under provisions of Trustees incorporation act (Cap 318 R.E 2002) and was issued certificate No. 4170 on 19th May 2011