Sponsor A Child

How to Sponsor.

  1. Pick a kid you intend to sponsor
  2. You are encouraged to meet the kid and verify the situation
  3. You then plead, How much you want to contribute, However we encourage students to be fully sponsored boarding students so that she is offered accommodation and meals. Inability to pay fees indicates other problems back home.
  4. Take joining instructions. The school shall follow up from there onwards and keep you updated of her progress, you shall be encouraged to visit and enjoy your kid.

The cost of sponsoring a student assuming a full sponsorship is as follows
•    School fees for one year is between TAS 1,100,000/=  and 1,300,000/= (ignoring the decimals)
•    Uniforms and other essentials TAS 300,000/=
•    Pocket Money TAS 200,000/=
•    Fare when the school closes TAS 200,000/=

These figures are for budgeting purposes only as needs vary. Actual costs shall be worked on based on a particular case.