Good Safaris is one of ACWF initiatives to add depth and breadth to volunteering which eventually has to be volunteering tourism and other similar forms like study tourism, conference tourism, evangelical tourism, medical tourism, coffee tourism …., (anyprefixed)tourism, suffice to say responsible tourism, good tourism, kind of which leaves indelible good footprints both in your psyche and the land you came in contact with. Nature has entrusted to and in our people the best in land and culture that can be offered to mankind in form of Tourism. We are intrinsically the best thanks to geography (only?,mostly?) have both  custom made and standard itineraries based on your interest and of course your budget, samples  here are just cores around which to plan your dreams. We have a tours consultant Mr. Mbuya who’s been in the industry for the best part of his adult life, has summitted mount Kil 24 times. We use companies and facilities which stands out form others, we base our choices through recommendations of our recent volunteers and acquaintances devoid of conflict of interest.

The best excursions are planned with two virtues, patience and local knowledge.

Sample Safaris

OPTION C: LAKE MANYARA & TARANGIRE, overnight at Haven Nature Camp,

This is the best option of exploring three parks in thee days as follows:
Day One: Explore Manyara National Park, and overnight at Haven Nature tented camp overlooking Manyara escarpment.
Day Two: Explore the wonders of Ngorongoro Crater and drive back to Haven Nature for a second night stay.
Day Three: After breakfast drive to Tarangire National Park for a full day exploration, then drive back to Arusha at the end of a memorable three days tour.

This is a chance of seeing four parks in four days as follows:
Day one: Depart Arusha after breakfast, and explore the beauties of Arusha National Park. Late in the afternoon drive back via Arusha, and straight to Manyara for an overnight at Haven Nature camp.
Day Two: Explore Lake Manyara National Park in the morning hours, and possibly a second game drive late in the afternoon, and overnight at Haven Nature,
Day Three: After an early breakfast, drive to Ngorongoro Crater for a day tour, returning to Haven Nature for the last night stay.
Day Four: After breakfast, you go to Tarangire National Park for a full day game viewing, later in the afternoon you return to Arusa at the end of your four days safari.


This is one product in our Coffee Revival Project. Areas and people around Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains are blessed with Altitude, Soils, Climate History and Culture of coffee. The crop has been in the decline at small holder level.

ACWF believes that so long as there is an addiction and therefore a huge permanent appetite and  market for coffee in the Nothern Hemisphere and equally so a local potential. Coffee revival at small holder level, given a candid intervention  is feasible economic solution that shall enable local communities put well fed, well dressed children in good schools.

Coffee tourism shall take you through the coffee value chain from seed germination, to farms, to cooperatives, wet mills and possibly to the dry mills, cupping’s, auctions and some initiatives in roasting and branding. We shall take you to commercial farms, government and cooperative educational and research institutes and some other institutions around Tanzanian coffee.

In our Coffee Revival Project, we are dreaming of resurrection of coffee in the slopes of Kimilimanjaro and Meru by empowering the small holder through, education, artisan farming and management of the bean, creation of a local roaster and therefore a brand, collective bargaining, collective enforcement of quality to be ready for a fairer and more direct trading to achieve good prices per kilo for a dignified living. This project is calling for reteach and write up to catalyze the already well established, Human, land and Institutional Resources.



  • Five days Safari that includes Serengeti National Park
  • Semi Guided Safari to the Cost That is to Dar Es Salaam, Bagamoyo and Zanzibar best done slowly with stops at Mkomazi and Lushoto.
  • Kilimanjaro Climbs through Machame Gate, Marangu Gate or our flagship gate Rogai which is in Rombo. We have a strong presence in Rombo, Our sub office, Hostel and projects at Kwangao Primary School. Rombo is a queit retreat with a much slowed down almost husstle free life. While mixing with life in Rombo other attractions include the Roman Catholic church, Old Coffee Cooperatives and Processing factories, man made caves,the famous lake chala and nice hikes on shambas and the nearby conserved forest.
  • Mini Kimilimanjaro Climbs. We also organize one day climbs/hikes up to the first hut from one of these gates. This is best for those whose climb to the summit is a matter for another day and after coming all the way up to here they want a piece of the Mountain.
  • Special tours to the HADZABE, a bushmen tribe in central Tanzania.
  • As we see and learn More we shall keep on adding to this list, you may as well give suggestions and we shall walk the talk to make it an experience.




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