ACWF supports projects below. We are currently formulating plans with a clear objective and a detailed budget clearly showing resources needed. The budget shall further be broken down to indicate resources available and lacking. The required support shall then be broken down into manageable shares to be grabbed by willing partners.   Updates and progress reports shall be communicated as the project progress. Partners are encouraged to visit projects as part of their holiday travels.

  • Kwangao Primary School Infrastructure projects
  • Kibo Secondary School – Student Support and Provision of Equipment
  • Mairiva Secondary School – Student Support and Provision of Equipment
  • Destiny Children – Subscistance and Long Term Sustainability including sponsoring of Children
  • Sponsor a child – This is a project in which we can locate children for sponsorship or you can ask us manage a sponsorship already underway.


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or those with young families purchasing property, settling down and making a new live for themselves. According to the Greek National Land Registry, there are over 2,500 foreigners owning holiday homes or property for permanent residents (a total of 3,200 acres) in the coastal Peloponnese prefecture of Laconia. There are also some 1,750 properties and estates in nearby Messinia that are owned by foreigners. There are already many British people with holiday homes on the Mani peninsular, while there are relatively few that have ventured as far as the Messinian peninsular. We also provide care for you holiday home when you are not there or when you have guests staying. We offer cleaning package to guarantee that your holiday home receives the best possible care and attention. You can be assured that your house is secure and in safe hands. Your guests will leave with only the utmost praise for both your home and our services. For those of you looking for the prefect holiday home we can help you find your dream property
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Names University in Oakland, Calif. Ms. Bertaux earned a master’s degree in composition in 1992 from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. Ms. Bertaux was a member of the faculty of the Peabody Conservatory. She also was working as a music teacher for Baltimore County public schools, but was unhappy with what she felt was the inadequate music instruction her son and other promising singers were receiving in county schools. She started what became the Children’s Chorus of Maryland in 1976, with six students in her home. "A singer has a responsibility to be musically literate just as much as an orchestral member," Ms. Bertaux told The Evening Sun in a 1986 interview. "I thought we needed a children’s choir which offered good choral performance but also a solid program of training. Well, you know how they say, ‘Somebody ought to do this’? I decided I was going to be the one to do this." Classes were first held at St. Paul’s School and later moved to Towson University’s